Message Audience in Silence

The abstraction of WebvOZ™ creates a unique pronunciation to "Magic Web" while translates phonetically from Spanish into “Eggs”, suggestive metaphor of the encryptive technology protocol for wireless data transmission to electronic devices via inaudible audio.

WebvOZ™ concept provides understanding of the process by which this unique technology allows electronic devices to communicate by data encoded as inaudible capsules (“Eggs”).

After the data is conveyed through Speakers (at inaudible pitch to humans) - the receiving electronic device with Microphone receives the capsules/“eggs” and “nests” these within pre-provisioned SDK/API in device for a period in which the decoding aspect of the Application Software “unpacks” and reformats the data – as a “Message in Silence”.

After the “nesting” period is complete, WebvOZ™ then “hatches” into its sister experience trigger – IntimaTone™

Engaged Audience Experience

IntimaTone™ embraces user experience by providing digital reports about service data collected from users' mobile devices. This is derived through the consumption of WebvOZ™ tones and pre-provisioning user-friendly data capable of being read, heard, or otherwise understood by context-aware audiences.

As WebvOZ™ encryptive “Eggs” or Data Capsules – once nested within the Device - triggers IntimaTone™ as to “Wake-up” pre-provisioned SDK/API in device decoding the Application Software aspect of “unpacking” IntimaTone™ and delivering an audience experience.

Multiple behaviors – and their combinations can be triggered allowing for more than 120 configurable and unique experiences, from passive responses even in “Airplane Mode” to Image, Video, Text, URL and/or Notification synchronizations with context, location and experience… amongst others!!!